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Business Opportunity

This is all about establishing an Entertainment & Commercial Television Channel which is going to be broadcast in three major cities at Tamilnadu in India. And this is gonna be broadcast through local cable tv network from one of them prime location connecting all together. The prime focus & mission of the business is to become number one entertainment & commercial local cable tv channel of those cities with-in a business year by broadcasting interactive entertainment programs such as songs, movies, serials, interviews, sponsorship programs, sports, commercial advertisements, local & regional news and etc. We have sound knowledge of media & entertainment business, technology & media expertise, business strategic & market researchers, marketing expertise and dedicative professionals. We looking for a very good investor as a silent partner of this business who could invest $250,000 for start-up and working capital of this project.  Minimum garunteed business profit would be minimum $250,000 and will be growing in upcomming  business years. Interested business peoples are kindly requested to contact . Only serious queries are welcome, scams are strictly restricted.

I have around 8 Years sound experience in IT Networking at India & abroad, and 3 Years very good experience in Media & Entertainment (Broadcasting Cable TV Channel). Analytical Thinking, Creative, Knowing market strategy, consulting with expertise, executing & successing and keep on focusing business continuity are my key to success. Television in now powerful media and very profitable medium (everywhere) in India. Henceforth, I would like to intend me entirely in to Media Business and my mission is to become a number one television channel provider in TamilNadu. So join & grow with us.

Great Business Opportunity !

I am looking for an Investor who will invest the capital of $3 to $5 Million in Tamil Nadu as a silent partner of this business. The business is "Very profitable, Long Lasting & Ever Growing". As an Investor all they need to do is to invest the above said capital as an one time investment, and then the investor will become as a silent partner of the establishment. Rest everything will be taken care under my management & team. Initial process / setup time will take max 1 year from the date of Initiation. From the second year onwards the establishment will get the supreme profit from the business. And the profit ratio will be 3 times of the capital in every year. So the expected net profit value would be more than 15 times in next 3 to 5 years. The Investor would get 50% of share from the total asset of the project. (Ex: If the investment is $3Million, then at end of the 3rd year the total asset would be $15Million.)

Advantages of this Business & Benifits of Investor:

* One time Investment

* Tax free Business and 100% Legal

* Risk free Management (for Silent Partner)

* Become a 50% share holder / partner of the whole property

* Market & Business Value Increases Every Year

* Expandable, Reliable & Moderate

* Any time can Sell the Business with 100s or 1000 times of profit

* And many more opportunities!!

I Kindly request that only Interested and Valuable business people should contact me on  for further business communications and propsal.

Thanks & Regards,



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